“Dr. Gustavo Vinagre: a young soul who strives to improve the health of everyone...”

Luís Gustavo de Mil-Homens e Vinagre
Born in Porto, Portugal.

Since he was a child he wanted to be a doctor and since that time he put all of his effort towards accomplishing that dream, always keeping in mind his personal philosophy about life that “luck protects the well-prepared spirits.”

At 5 years of age he moved with his family to Macao, China, where they lived for four years. There he began to learn about multiculturality, multidiversity, and he started to learn other languages as well as traveling throughout different countries. At the same time, he also started to practice Karate, and in less than four years he reached the brown belt and won different trophies.

When he returned to Portugal, he continued to practice Karate, but inspired by his brother Tiago, he moved on to Volleyball at the age of 11. He also started to surfing as a hobby with his cousin Nuno.

His experience playing Volleyball at Leixões Sport Club in Matosinhos was one of the greatest, where he learned, not only about sports, but valuable life lessons such as effort, strength and team-work which served him throughout his academic career.

In Volleyball he won different regional and national trophies and played in international tournaments such as the World School Volleyball Tournament in Puerto Rico. During the summers, his passion was to play Beach Volleyball and participate in different regional and national Beach Volleyball competitions. His sports dream was fulfilled when he was invited to play on the Cadets Volleyball National Team, where he played for one year.

In parallel to his sports career, he never carelessness his studies in Augusto Gomes School, Matosinhos and later on in CEBES College, Porto, where he earned different academic awards in the club and college.

In his final years of high-school, because of the combination of high-competition Volleyball with his studies, as well as his efforts to learn Spanish, he was accepted to the School of Medicine at the University of Navarra. So he moved to Pamplona, Spain in 2006 to start his dream career and meet people from all over the World. Because of that, and due to his dedication to Medicine he couldn´t go on playing Volleyball...

Now, Dr. Gustavo Vinagre is an Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology resident at Clínica Universidad de Navarra with a huge passion for Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Surgery, where he wants to make his contribution...

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